About Bendy Wendy

Bendy Wendy is a project focused on wellbeing born from my hospitality background, but suitable to everyone. The idea behind it is to bring balance to everyday life for people who struggle to get work life balance right. The brand is a demonstration of my passion for what I love to do and how I would love to share with others. Centred around Yoga, and with a focus on nutrition, we aim to deliver flexible tailor-made plans for busy people, and simple tips and tricks for better wellbeing.


Bespoke Courses

Bespoke courses for professionals from any industry sectors. For example courses for hospitality professionals, where receptionists, waitresses, chef’s, bartenders are on their feet all day long and rarely have a mind to look after themselves properly.
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Desk Therapy

For managers or desk based roles, who have a heavy mind and a mix of desk based and floor based stresses, we offer advice and small changes they can make to their daily routine to help with energy levels and managing stress of the fast-paced environment.
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Bendy Wendy is about people who share the same passion and love to find an optimum place in life, and push boundaries to achieve a healthy working balance.
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Teaching a variety of classes – Yin Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Happy Yoga as well as Wendy’s signature class – Bendy Wendy Flow! Also Bendy Wendy donation class to support the development of young adults in hospitality.

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