Aaron Wall

Born: Dublin, Ireland
Company: London Cocktail Club
Position: Training and Development Manager
The favourite way to relax?: Movies

Bendy Wendy is project not just one person, but all team effort. We decided to slowly introduce you through weeks in this section all our partners, friends & family who are so excited to share same passion with us. One of the greatest people from cocktail industry to have on the board and we really enjoy to work with is Aron Wall, training & development manager at London Cocktail Club. Aaron and Bendy Wendy currently working on wellness program for bartenders, to bring balance & happiness in to everyday life of bartenders at LCC.

We’ve asked  Aaron to tell us little bit more about his vision of Wellness in hospitality and how this have an impact on your day to day performance.

“Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being.

When you spend your days (and nights) behind the stick catering to everyone else’s needs and demands, it’s easy to neglect yourself. Making time for self-care can seem impossible in the midst of occasional grueling 50+ hour work weeks, endless hours on your feet, and shaking cocktails until muscles you didn’t know existed ache. But neglecting your own health leaves you at risk for burnout, weight gain, injury and more.

We face the same obstacles that people in other career paths face — lack of time, money, motivation, resources — compounded by late hours and long shifts.

When you’re working in a restaurant or bar, the needs of guests or fellow co-workers must almost always be privileged over one’s own. This takes its toll over time. Most people in our culture struggle with self care, so for bartenders and servers it’s like a double whammy.

How do you find the time to take care of yourself when shifts end after midnight and you work very physically and emotionally?

At LCC we want you to work hard and play hard, but know when and how to prioritize. If you are doing both working too much and or partying too much you are in risk of burning out. We don’t want this, we expect the best of you when you are in work and realizing burnout is a real factor to a productive environment. Pressure in our role can sometimes be intense but never to be constant. Believing that we can positively encourage wellness in work by giving support and offering guidance has lead us to think about a simple way to distill this massive subject down in to daily routine that is wellness to 4 questions that you can ask yourself and each other on a daily basis.

The 4 Big Questions

  1. Have you slept well?
  2. Have you eaten something fresh today?
  3. Have you had any exercise today?
  4. What are you grateful for today?

These questions are for you!. Your answers are for your own reflection and to remember to try action a positive lifestyle”.


Aaron Wall
Training & Development manager  at London Cocktail Club


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