“Nothing Happens Until Something Bends” – Bendy Wendy

Hello lovely people, I’m Wendy.

So a bit about my background. I’m from the Czech Republic, where, when I was younger I played basketball professionally, and studied sports science at university in Prague.

My entry into the world of hospitality lead me to London, where I now live. I was lucky enough to work with the team at the wonderful 5* Connaught hotel, where I experienced customer service levels and an expectation to deliver which was second to none.

This is Bendy Wendy!

I’ve been working at Oblix at The Shard for 4 years, working in all manner of roles, from beverage manager on to client relations / marketing / events.

Having covered such broad range of job roles across the industry, I have taken a view on each of the individual roles and the different challenges people face every day; from the physically demanding to the mentally taxing and stressful, each of the little tips and tricks I talk about in through Bendy Wendy are designed to assist existing and new hospitality professionals to not only get better longevity out of their career, but to perform at a higher level day to day.

Bendy Wendy is a project that represents lifestyle flexibility, so although it started and was based primarily on hospitality, the essence of what we talk about resonates through all walks of life. I wanted to start something that wasn’t just about the physical, or just about nutrition – although we do focus on a lot of fun yoga styles and cook and bake some pretty bad ass stuff that not only tastes amazing but is super good for you!

We want to reach people from all walks of life with tips that will not only benefit you as an individual, but your environment and the people around you. We aim to help you make the little changes in your day to day life to help you be the best you, you can be.

I love to wake up with a curious mind to learn something new every day. Meet new people every day.  That’s what get me out of bed every morning even though I still have long nights at work like many of you.

If you’re looking as an individual to make some changes, or as a company to help increase the wellness and welfare of your staff, get in touch and we can assist.

Thank you for taking your time to read couple of notes about me and Bendy Wendy exciting projects.  I hope to hear from you.

Namaste, Bendy Wendy. xx

Our Styles

A smile shape fantasy moon over a sunrise and water horizon

Yin Yoga

Peace Yourself!

A space when you learn to see yourself more clear than ever before. Long deep poses, down low on the matt utilizing seated or lying positions. Opening hips, lower backs and stretching spine. Boosting flexibility and clearing the mind. Peaceful tones will guide you through.

Relax, unwind & still your mind.

Bendy Wendy Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

Don’t sweat what you don’t know!

This is beginners based class which allows you to say hello to all new adventure. Meet your body & mind in present and give an opportunity to allowed yourself to wake up with mind of beginner and curiosity to learn something new every day.


Bendy Wendy Flow

Find the way to bend you wings!

A dynamic and flowing practice, linking the rhythm of the breath with movement and an attention to alignments of body. The class focus on breath, balancing the body and creating a deep internal heat that will energize, detoxify and uplift you. Bend, stretch, harmless your practice.  Move your body, free your mind and find the way to freedom. Follow your breath & let go. The deeper you breathe, the longer you live.


Bendy Wendy Yoga - Happy Yoga

Happy Yoga

Make your happy move!

Find your groove. Happy yoga is a body conditioning class that prepares the body to take you higher.  Building strength and increasing flexibility in a safe and balanced way. Sequence with strong collection of postures and ‘Happy’ abs session included, which you will feel tomorrow. Loud beats help you to not lose the focus. Acoustic, Electronic and Reggae tones put a smile on your face while we all are happy to exercise.

Class Types


Our studio classes combine music and yoga to create a fresh experience like no other. Different studios around London open their doors to various types of classes and act as a welcoming home for anyone wanting to experience the happiness of Yoga.

Our aim is to help you find the class that best suits your needs. Classes vary from very dynamic to restorative, so whatever your age and fitness, there is a class for you.


Yoga was originally passed down directly from master teachers who worked one-on-one to tailor the practice to each individual student based on their health, body type and lifestyle. Private sessions are a powerful way to connect with yourself and to focus on your specific needs and expectations.


In addition to the studio classes and private yoga sessions, BENDY WENDY TEAM offers onsite corporate yoga classes in London to progressive businesses that understand that looking after the well-being of their team of employees is essential to maintaining high performance. The size of corporate yoga classes can vary depending on your needs and the space available at your location. The classes are designed to cover all levels of yoga.